Triumph of the Technocrat

Reece Terris

The artwork is a geometric composition of fragments of the former church's wooden structure. It hovers dramatically above a round reflection pond.

Artist Statement

The piece is to be constructed entirely from reclaimed wooden girders salvaged from the demolished St. John's Church that had once existed at the site. It would literally take the form of the "placeholder" sculpture depicated in the 3D model of the future development. This work would make physically tangible the relationship between ideation & fabrication as related to the production of art through a reversal of the roles of the artist & the art producer or fabricator. Making visible the unseen mechanistic process of development and land speculation impacting the surrounding community. The sculpture would self-reflexively critique its own development and process of creation, and draw parallels between the role and complicity of all players involved in the development process.

Reece Terris is a Vancouver based artist whose work alters the expected experiential qualities of a place or object through an amplification or shift in the primary function of an original design.