A destination for cultural experiences and stories - where food and music will be shared.

The Kitchen

One of Honest Ed’s primary achievements was that it brought all of Toronto, especially new immigrants together, and became a mixing chamber for the city. To this day, Toronto has continued to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world — we felt that celebrating this multiculturalism and its fundamental role in Canada was our opportunity to honor the Honest Ed’s legacy. The medium we’ve chosen to achieve this is a combination of food and music — two cultural attributes which are truly universal.

The Kitchen will be a big mixing bowl, of food from around the world and music. When you bring that together with everything else Mirvish Village offers, from the 24 heritage buildings restored for 10 new boutique shops and restaurants, to nearly 900 units of rental housing, to the micro retail in Honest Ed’s Alley to the Frank Stella mural, to the music venue to the district energy system to the university, to the grocery store... it really is a village. At the heart of that village is The Kitchen.