The retail at Mirvish Village will be diverse, varied and offer a range of products and services for daily life.

Markham Street

The restoration of the Markham Street heritage houses reimagines the street as a pedestrian-oriented avenue. The 18 restored heritage houses (of a total 24 restored heritage structures on site) will be home to unique restaurants, cafes, bookstores, record stores and other retailers that reflect the distinct character of the neighbourhood.

We are returning Markham Street to the vibrancy of its heyday in the 1960s, when rows of twentieth century residences housing galleries and studios lined the street, and artists sold their pieces on their front lawns.

Bloor Street Retail

To complement the experimental micro-retail incubators of Honest Ed’s Alley and the restaurants in the heritage houses along Markham Street, the retail along Bloor and Lennox Streets will be curated with a mix of local and international brands and retailers. The retail along Lennox Street also features site-specific pieces by artist Ian Wallace, as part of a large-scale, multi-artist public art program that will help Mirvish Village become one of the most interesting projects in the country.

Honest Ed's Alley

Over 20 fully move-in ready micro retail units for retail entrepreneurs. Honest Ed's Alley will support a new generation of young entrepreneurs from across Toronto.

Honest Ed's Alley reflects the legacy of Ed Mirvish, through eclectic, many layered design elements. The bright neon signs lighting the way through the alley, are a nod to Honest Ed's iconic sign, taking inspiration from the vibrant pedestrian alleys of Tokyo.