The Magenta Program

By Westbank Living

Become a Westbank Home Owner through Westbank Living.

The Magenta Program allows residents of Westbank Living to build equity towards the purchase of a Westbank home, through your monthly rent payments.

We are now accepting applications to the Magenta Program with new leases signed at 1770 Pendrell, Vancouver House, The Lauren, Zephyr and TELUS Sky.

How it Works

  • Residents in a Westbank Living project will be automatically enrolled into the Magenta Program upon signing the Magenta Program agreement.
  • You will earn Magenta Dollars with each monthly rental payment, equal to 75% of your monthly rent. For example, if your monthly rent payment is $2,000, you will receive $1,500 Magenta Dollars (75% of $2,000) each month.
  • Each Magenta Dollar is worth one dollar towards the future purchase of a Westbank home, redeemable up to 5 years after the conclusion of your lease.

Contact for the Magenta Program agreement. Please sign and return a scanned copy to open your Magenta Program Account.

Referral Program

During the launch of the Magenta Program, we are offering a referral bonus to existing residents of Westbank Living.

For each lease referral to a Westbank Living home, the existing resident will receive one month’s worth of Magenta Dollars.*

*This offer applies on a lease per unit basis. An existing resident cannot refer two new residents to the same home. After the first referral, the referral bonus will change to $500 Magenta Dollars per lease signed.

We are now offering viewings by private appointment, at our latest rental projects Vancouver House and 1770 Pendrell, 7 days a week.

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Membership in Westbank Living Magenta Program is not an offering for sale of any real estate and nothing in relation to the program is intended to exclude or restrict the application of the applicable laws relating to the sale of real estate. Your membership in the Westbank Living Magenta Program will be subject to the terms and conditions of the program enclosed with your application, as may be amended from time to time. E.&O.E.